The Innumerable Taboos

It seems ok to discuss these sort of issues in anonymous online forums, but it is taboo in any sort of real-world non-anonymous discussion with friends, Church goers, or even Church leaders. The repercussions, shame, punishment, judgement, and other consequences of the latter are too much to bear. That, in itself, is another significant problem with the Church. There does not seem to be any room to question openly and freely these issues.

Maybe the Book of Mormon is not historical? Taboo. Do we still practice plural marriage in our temple sealing policies? Taboo. Why do Church leaders not allow members to support same-sex marriage? Taboo. Don’t we already seal together same sex people in the temple (as in child to parent, or plural wife to plural wife)? Taboo. Maybe Joseph Smith was a bit opportunistic with instituting plural marriage? Taboo. Maybe keeping the priesthood from blacks was racist? Taboo. Maybe the Book of Abraham was a revelation, and not a translation? Taboo. Can we please have a nursery during sacrament meeting? Taboo. Maybe Joseph did borrow elements from Freemasonry when fashioning the endowment? Taboo. Maybe the Book of Genesis is not a literal history? Taboo. Maybe there wasn’t a worldwide flood? Taboo. Maybe human evolution is real? Taboo. Maybe climate change is real? Taboo. Maybe women exercise the priesthood in their officiation within the temple? Taboo. Maybe there is an ordinance in the temple that most members know nothing about? Taboo. Maybe the First Vision was not exactly what the official story recounts? Taboo. Maybe the BOM translation process and mechanisms were quite different than we’ve been taught? Taboo. Do Sunday meetings really need to be three hours long? Taboo. Maybe the early Mormon sacrament was spiked? Taboo. Why were the revelations in the early church so different than those received (or not received) today? Taboo. Maybe Joseph played around with magic, the occult, and treasure digging? Taboo. Maybe Church leaders have not seen Christ? Taboo. Maybe temple goers used to symbolically cut their throats? Taboo. Maybe the Church is not the “only true and living church on the face of the whole earth”? Taboo. The taboos never end. Many of them I’m just discovering now that I had been completely blind to before. Maybe so many taboos are designed by those in authority to control people and their minds? Taboo.

Regardless if these things are right or wrong, true or false, we cannot even consider them, or if we do we have to couch them in veiled language, or try to make them sound faithful or faith filled. We cannot for a moment consider that they may be anything other than the official narrative. That’s not allowed, because it breeds doubt, and possible dissent. But if we don’t consider them openly, in a free exchange of ideas, options, possibilities, alternatives, then they may very well fester within until the whole house comes crashing down.

Do I doubt why there are innumerable taboos? I do.


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